10 Items You Should Always Buy From the Dollar Store

10 Items You Should Always Buy From the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are nothing new, they have been around for close to 100 years, but in today’s marketplace most people tend to ignore them because of the stigma that their goods are low quality items. While this is sometimes the case, we are all wasting money by not shopping at the dollar store. Sure, not everything at the dollar store is worth buying, but there are some items that are literally a waste of money if purchased elsewhere. Here is a list of 10 things that you should always buy from a dollar store.

#1- Seasonal Decorations

You can save up to 70% by buying decorative items from a dollar store. What is the use of buying expensive decoration when you know that you won’t be seeing them more than once or twice a year? The dollar store always carries a variety of seasonal items as well as birthday, graduation and all the decorations you need.

#2- Cleaning Supplies

All cleaning products have the same ingredients, so there is really no use in buying the same ingredients packaged in a different bottle or with a different label but for 5 times the amount. Go to your local dollar store and buy a generic brand that will save you loads of money.

#3- Party Supplies

If you love parties then you will fall in love with the dollar store’s party supply section. Get packs of disposable cups, napkins, plates and other utensils at the most affordable prices. There’s really everything you need to throw a party: balloons, streamers, trash cans and much more.


How often do you find yourself with only one sock? Quite often, huh? Then why spend ten dollars on a pack of socks when you can get them for a dollar? The dollar stores offer a lots of different style socks that come in different designs, colors, and sizes.

#5 – Greeting Cards

You don’t have to spend 4+ 5 on a card when there is such a vast variety available for only a dollar. The quality of these cards may not always be five star, but they certainly come in handy during festive seasons like Christmas and Easter when you have to give away many cards.

#6- Tupperware

Save more than 70% by buying Tupperware from a dollar store. Your local Dollar stores are always well stocked with tupperware and have a wide variety of mason jars as well as plastic storage boxes.

#7- Candy

Whether your off to the movies, stacking the house for Halloween, or just filling up the cabinets to satisfy your sweet tooth,  the dollar store has you covered.

#8- Hair Accessories

Every woman I’ve ever known is always looking for an extra bobby pin, hair band or comb. Buy in bulk at the dollar store and never run out. These and other hair accessories are generally well stocked at the dollar store and made from the same material as the ones you buy at the pharmacy or supermarket.

#9- Glassware

Believe it or not, good quality glassware can be purchased from the dollar. Of course experience varies depending on store and item, but  most dollar store carry good quality  cups, bowls, plates and everything else one might need to equip a kitchen on a budget.

#10 – Spices

If you’re looking for a unique spice, chances are, the dollar store isn’t the place. However, paying a dollar for a large containers of basic kitchen spices like salt, pepper, cinnamon, parsley, basil, and chili powder, is an unbeatable deal!