5 Free Online Course You Should Try During Quarantine

5 Free Online Course You Should Try During Quarantine

There are many positive things you can do and get during this self quarantine because of Covid-19. It is don't need cash, it is free although with limited time. You can try this online course to make you more productive at home. You can study new skill freely. Don;t you think this is awesome?

Her eare the list of the courses.


This site give you many options of what subject do you want to choose. The free class they offer are health, business, art, science and many more. This opportunity has time limit. You can join freeonly until 31st may 2020. Just click their websites and find your course. 


If you love photography it will be a good news to you. Nikon give you chance to join free class until 30 April 2020. This free classwill teach directly by professional photographer. 


This website also offerfree online course that you can get it when you sign up before 31st may 2020. There are many class you can join, they are health education, business industry, art, science, etc.


Microsoft open a free online training that has a theme "Azure 900 Fundamental For Education". This course is free of charge and the tarining speaker will brought by senior from Microsoft. There are 5 moduls, to study you can visit the website microsoft.com.


Google has open free online training that focus on digital marketing. This online training title is "Google Digital Garage". This training will focus to help you dig more of your marketer skill that use to open a digital business