How These 4 Countries in the World Overcome Covid 19

How These 4 Countries in the World Overcome Covid 19

The Covid 19 epidemic, whose virus has now mutated and became Sars-Cov2, has infected almost all continents in the world. This virus has become epidemic in 201 countries in all parts of the world. It has even infected 512,701 people worldwide and 23,495 died according to a report from WHO as of today, March 28, 2020.

To overcome this epidemic several countries in the world take action to prevent wider spread in their area. Here are some of them.


This country currently holds the first ranking that has many casualties. After weeks of China experiencing the spread of Covid 19 and bearing a considerable burden after many casualties fell. After the situation worsened enough then set lockdown in the city most infected and is the center of the outbreak, Wuhan. Means of transportation were closed, affecting tens of millions of people. In addition, checks were carried out on the streets and even security officers on duty on the road to ensure no one came out of their homes. Now life is returning to normal in several places in China.


This country is ranked second with the highest number of victims in the world. At first they were a bit relaxed responding to the plague that befell China. As if the plague could not have been a serious case so even though at first the government there had appealed for social distancing and more staying at home, they continued to carry out their activities as usual. The situation has worsened in the last few weeks, making Italy the second most affected country after China.

South Korea

The country does not impose lockdowns to address the spread of Covid 19. The South Korean government issued a transparent response, using the latest technology and using a responsible approach from institutions and citizens. The spread of the virus in South Korea can be overcome immediately after they use this method. The South Korean government only limits the space for people in public places. They closed access for people from the city of Hubei, China.

The country has successfully tested the majority of its citizens by opening clinics that can be accessed directly by the local community. This places South Korea in the country with the highest proportion of tests in the world.


Not much different from South Korea, Singapore does not set a lockdown for its people but keeps its distance, prohibits meetings and events involving people to gather and orders its people to stay at home. This method effectively suppresses the spread and infection of the virus so that it does not cause a significant surge in cases in the country.