A Size Plus Look Fashionable With This Look

A Size Plus Look Fashionable With This Look

Not everyone has the same body shape. Some are thin, tall, slim like a body model, some are medium or medium type, not thin or fat, the ideal body shape, some are super thin or even classified as overweight or overweight.

In the world of fashion for overweight body owners there are certain types of models or often also called Plus size. For those of you who have a plus size body shape, you don't need to feel inferior or worried that you can't look fashionable. There are tricks you can use so you can still look fashionable.

Get to know your body shape

This is the most basic step before choosing what form of clothing you will choose. If the shape of your lower body or part of your hips is bigger than the top, you can choose a belt as a way to make your lower body look slimmer. You can also choose a dress with a dark color and choose a contrast-colored belt to give the illusion of your waist look slimmer. 

Choose a Darker Color

If you want to look slimmer, this is a classic recipe. Choose a darker color for clothes, for example black, dark purple, maroon, dark gray, etc. Dark colors make the illusion of the body smaller because the dark color does not reflect back the light he receives.

Choose the Right Motive

It's true that if you don't forever you just want to wear dark clothes. Especially in summer you might want to continue to look fashionable with bright colors without having to look bigger. Choose clothes or dresses with small motifs and simple pieces.

Choose the Right Neck Line

This is also the classic way where a dress or top with a V neckline makes your body look slimmer. Fat body tends to widen to the side. By using a vertical neckline that will cause the illusion of your body look more gaunt.

Day to Use Clothes Size All Size

This size for medium or small body shape is very suitable, but if your body is fat as much as possible avoid it unless you want to use it to sleep. Loose clothes are comfortable to use but not for a good appearance especially if you are fat. Ideally, you choose clothes that are not loose or narrow in size. Loose Terllau makes your body look bigger, narrow terllau actually displays more of your body shape.