Asking the Readers: What’s Your Dream Productivity Tool?

Asking the Readers: What’s Your Dream Productivity Tool?

I’ve got a slightly odd question for you, dear readers. I’m specifically talking to you work at home moms, either with a separate business or solely with your household.

What would your ultimate “productivity system” for managing your home look like?

There’s stuff like Getting Things Done, there’s Zen to Done, there’s Seven Habits. All have their pros and cons, and I definitely have my opinion on each.

But if you were to have your very own productivity system for your household delivered to your doorstep one morning, what would it look like when you lifted the blanket from the basket?

• Would it be an all-in-one gadget so that you never have to touch paper again?

• Would it be a binder with pre-arranged dividers and forms for you to fill?

• Would it be a journal and pen, its lined pages needing your signature touch?

• Would it be a daily or weekly e-mail newsletter with an agenda for you?

• Would it be an ID and password for a website where you manage all your necessities online?

• What would it do for you?

• Would it involve telling you what to do, when?

• Or would it provide a checklist of everything you need to do, and you get to decide the how and the when?

• Would it tell you how to write a to-do list, like the quirky yet brilliant Todoodlist?

• Would it preplan your menus?

• Would it help you maintain a budget?

• Would it tell you how to clean your house?

• Would it provide the perfect amount of blank space for your personal customization?

Ultimately, how would it make your life simpler, so that as you manage your home, you are more productive?

I’m looking for any type of answer. Tell me if you’ve had a vision and know down to the color of each of your dividers, or tell me that you’d promptly lift any system out of its basket and hurl it into the gutter.