At-Home Exercise Tips – Look Great at This Year’s Holiday Party

At-Home Exercise Tips – Look Great at This Year’s Holiday Party

You don’t have to pay a fortune on overpriced gym memberships to get fit. Get started on your new year’s resolution early and wow ‘em all at this year’s holiday party with our at-home exercise tips.

Working out at home is cost effective because at-home equipment is a one-time buy, while working out at a gym requires a monthly membership. Working out at home can even be free, depending on what kind of workout you choose.


Running outdoors is a cheap and easy way to get fit. You don’t need anything but a pair of running shoes and some motivation. Try planning out different routes and exploring places in your community. Grab any one of the items below to make you’re running experience even better. And, if you want to try something really different, why not test out running barefoot?

The Truth about barefoot running

You may have seen these strange looking contraptions around. These funny looking barefoot running sneakers are made for fitness enthusiasts to really feel the ground when running and working out. Now you may be wondering how are wearing these shoes, the same as being “barefoot”?

While some practice this exercise without any type of footwear, running with an alternative thin-soled and flexible shoe is now equated to barefoot running. Some popular styles include the Vibram Five Finger Classic and the Nike Free. So what exactly are the benefits to this method? Many say that running with naked feet is healthier and reduces the chance of injuries and “heel-striking” that often occurs when wearing typical sneakers. On the other hand, some say that running properly is more important than the type of shoe a runner wears. Nevertheless, the minimalist footwear option has recently become more popular as it protects the foot while giving the feel of running with as little material surrounding the foot as possible. Have you tried out a pair? If so, what was your experience like?


Cycling is another fun, wallet-conscious way to keep in shape. Not only can you use your bike for exercise purposes, you can also use it to save on transportation costs. Try taking riding your bike to work on a sunny day instead of driving your car. You’ll feel good knowing that you’ve gotten your morning workout in, while doing your part for the environment.

For alternative at-home cardio exercises, try hula hooping, or let your inner gamer out and play with the Nintendo Wii! Those are both fun and heart pumping ways to keep fit at home. They’re especially good for the winter months when running or cycling isn’t always possible.


All you need for these workouts at home is a few moves and a towel or a yoga/Pilates mat. Grab a DVD and stretch out with any one of the items below. If you don’t want to buy a DVD, try looking on YouTube for short yoga and Pilates videos.

Esther Ekhart has some really good yoga videos for beginners and beyond. Her YouTube Channel is called EkhartYoga; I definitely recommend checking it out. My personal favorite is her video Yoga an Evening Practice. It makes me so sleepy before bedtime!

Floor Exercises

You don’t need a gym to do floor exercises. Here are a few awesome articles to get you started:

  1. The Miniskirt Workout. 
  2. Women’s Health Magazine: No Props, No Prob.
  3. Men’s Health Magazine: 8 Variations of the Pushup.
  4. Men’s Fitness: The MF Ab Recovery Plan.

Tell us! How do you workout at home?