Be Careful When Shopping at Deep Holiday Discounts

Be Careful When Shopping at Deep Holiday Discounts

While researching this post, I came across a comment on a Black Friday article from a reputable news source. The comment was from a gentleman who claims to have worked in retail for many years (selling technology). He warned people against buying big ticket items on Black Friday because often these items built using “spare or refurbished parts.” Being the overly optimistic person that I am, I scoffed at this. Brands I trust would never do this, I thought.  Then, I discovered this article posted at The report confirms what that anonymous man in cyberland claimed to be true about Black Friday “deals.”

We at PromoPro want our customers to save money and feel good about doing it, but certainly not at the cost of quality…and deception.

According to the CNN Money article, 93% of stores that were surveyed (sample size unknown) admitted that they were offering year old products at the same “discount” as last year.

Obviously, this is an issue when it comes to electronics that age with each passing day. The product may not be outdated or of poorer quality than it’s brand new counterpart. Is this dishonest? Does the store ever actually claim that products are “brand new”? Probably not, simply because this is the assumption of the trusting consumer.

When the study (done by NerdWallet) analyzed Black Friday ads from this year and last year, they indeed found that at least 25 retailers the exact same products are being offered for the exact same prices, though a year older. When ads from throughout the year were analyzed, they found that the same prices were being offered at other times during the year.

Even more shocking, some retailers have products especially MADE for Black Friday (like Target and Walmart)–this means shortcuts and lower quality parts. This seems like the biggest deception of all to ensure that shoppers will be right back to where they started on Black Friday 2015.

For many of us, Black Friday is about the experience, but it may be worth spending a bit more post-Black Friday to ensure that you’re getting what you are actually paying for.

Perhaps Americans are catching on. Reports showed that crowds this year have been thinner than in previous years. The initial rush was there for many big retailers, but once the crowds thinned, most never saw another surge throughout the day. Shoppers are savvy enough to wait for Cyber Monday, it seems.

Speaking of which…don’t forget to check out our deals! Happy shopping!