Can Homeopathy Help Improve Symptoms In The Autistic?

Can Homeopathy Help Improve Symptoms In The Autistic?

Autism is a unique condition that differs from person to person. It can affect the way in which an individual views their surroundings. Its possible for an autistic person to lead a normal life but in a different one. It can be stressful for parents of autistic children to find ways to ease complicated or unexplained behaviour. For those who have searched every medical avenue for help, the practice of Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular.

Why Go To A Homeopath?

For those who have had a mis-trust in their conventional doctor or who dislike the use of conventional medicines, homeopathy is an alternative. It is also complementary and can work alongside conventional treatments. It uses natural therapies in a holistic approach to assess the individual and tailor the medicine to give an individual treatment.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Any kind of holistic treatment requires a detailed history about the patient and a careful diagnosis how ever long it may take. The Homeopath will study the patient over several sessions to anlayse behaviour, expressions and eating patterns amongst other areas. Time and patience is taken as every case is unique and a wrong diagnosis can be frustrating for the patient and their family.

Homeopathy Treatments For Autism

Many believe the first area to analyse is diet. There is no single cause of autism but the Homeopath will look for certain foods that trigger a symptom, preservatives and colourings being a common factor in some, whereas wheat may be the trigger for another patient. Research has shown diet analysis as effective and necessary part of treating autism. Nutrition as a therapy may become the main treatment with regular shots of Vitamin B-12, Magnesium and Secretin administered over several sessions.

Other treatments involve speech therapy, this can be effective whether the autism sufferer is able to speak or not as the therapist can help instigate important communication skills. Animal therapy involving the caring or interaction with cats, dogs and dolphins although common is still untested. Whether it is proven or not, many parents notice a marked improvement on sociability when the autistic family member is with the animals. Other therapies include music, art, massage and sensory integration to assist in communication and conversational skills.

Music Therapy, helping an autistic child with communication skills

Help For Autism

Experts believe that every case is individual and that the homeopath should take the time to work closely with the patient in finding a suitable treatment. The earlier a treatment can be assigned the more the chance of success. Although conventional medicine can be used as a complementary aid, the medications may not treat all of the individual’s symptoms. The natural or alternative therapies can be more effective in restoring balance without the side effects. With any therapy, time and patience is the key.