Getting The Best Deals on

Getting The Best Deals on

If you haven't already heard of the discount shopping network known as “Wish”, you're probably missing out! is an online marketplace that offers many items at 50% the retail price. Most shoppers use the App for iPhone or Android to connect with the website and shop amazing deals and discounts.

The popularity of Wish has grown in the last few years. The website itself only launched in 2015 but has become well known as a shopping solution. Especially around the holidays. When you have a big family or many people to buy for, a website like Wish offers a great solution for the season of giving! You can get discounts of 50% off retail prices, then add coupons to save even more money.

If you haven't heard of Wish, you should download the App and see what all the type is about. Please note: You do have to register for an account in order to browse the deals and discounts.

What Can You Buy On Wish?

A variety of promo code for Wish can grant you discounts on many items. The categories include:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Gadgets
  • Toys
  • Housewares
  • Home Decor
  • Seasonal

If you're into art and photography, you can also buy photography props at ridiculously low prices! If you're looking for relatively inexpensive home decor options, Wish is definitely the place you want to be looking.

The Pros and Cons of Using Wish

Whether you're using the app or logging onto the website, there are some things you should be aware of. Similar to any other shopping experience, there are going to be some downsides. You're not going to get amazing deals with no catch. But, the catch is relatively minimal, unless you're in a rush!


  • Extremely low prices with decent shipping rates
  • Active discounts, coupons, and deals at any time you're looking to check out
  • A wide variety of items
  • Many different categories to choose from
  • Easy to make purchases from both the website and the app
  • Easy to find reviews about sellers and products


  • The shipping is extremely slow with items taking months to arrive sometimes
  • The shipping can be expensive for many of the listings
  • The sizing/color may be off from the advertised product
  • “Brand-name” items often arrive without any real branding
  • Sellers are individual, and each one is going to be different (for quality, price, shipping, contact, etc.)
  • Wish is known to have a few scammers that trick customers into making false purchases
  • Many unhappy customers have a hard time getting in touch with customer support

There are just as many positive reviews for as there are negative reviews. You'll have to take your chances with something inexpensive to know whether or not the experience is going to be positive for you. Since the sellers are individuals, your experience with each can be quite different. You could make one purchase that arrives quickly and exactly as described. The next item you buy could be terrible and take months to arrive. You can't know which result you're going to get until you've made the purchase, unfortunately. You have to take your chances.

Promo Codes for Wish

Here is the moment you've all been waiting for: A list of promo codes that you can use on for discounts and deals to save more on shopping:

50% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping, code: kskrskk
50% Off Your Order, code: 878879 / jlmdryc / mvbsqth / mfmljfk / hdqcjdr / lnxvcxz
50% Off 1st Order, code: mtrfwfr / klvhlfc / lptvdrb / hdkgyfd / mwbwjbq / mmfljvq / lrvkcyb
50% Off Your First Mobile App Order, code: msxtzcx / HDTKVNN

Remember: Wish promo codes are ever-changing. If you try to use a code and it has expired, simply try another one. You may need to try a few before you can land a working code. This all depends on how many people have used the code before you.

In addition, there are a few coupon websites you can check to find the latest promo codes for Wish. If you're ready to sign up, you can find promo codes for Wish on any of the following coupon websites:

Retailmenot has a variety of coupons that are relevant. They keep on top of current coupons and discounts to provide you the maximum opportunities to save money. is another great way to find the latest coupons for Plus, you can submit your email to be notified when new coupons and discounts are available. also has a variety of coupons to use on Wish, but the codes are not always tested to relevance. If you're willing to take your chances, try the codes until they work. has many coupons, but the bigger appeal is their reviews. Customers can share stories on the website about purchase experiences. You can use this information to decided whether or not you want to buy something.

In Closing

Wish is a great solution for bulk-shopping, especially if you're thinking about the holidays. But, the slow shipping time requires you to make your purchases well in advance of any holiday or event. If you're looking for something right now, you're going to want to head to Amazon and pay full-price for your item. If you're looking for premium quality, shopping online is always a guessing game. Since you can't touch the item and find out what condition it is in, you'll never know what you're buying until it arrives. This can be said about any online shopping experience, even if you're familiar with the website.

If you're shopping online, here are a few helpful hints that will save you time and the disappointment of getting an item that you don't like/doesn't fit:

  • Make sure that you're buying from trusted sellers only.
  • Read reviews from previous customers about any item you're looking to purchase. But, don't flat-out trust only the negative reviews. Many items have equally as many positive reviews. Read them all and make a balanced decision.
  • Watch Youtube testimonials to hear what other customers are saying about their online shopping experience.
  • Look at the “actual photos” that are posted by previous customers.

Lastly, the most important tip is this: Trust your instinct. If the deal seems too good to be true, it is. If you feel like you're going to get ripped off in the end, don't make a purchase. If you can gauge the shopping experience before making a purchase, you'll know what to expect.

That said, it doesn't hurt to browse. You can sign up with Facebook and check out the variety of discounts that Wish offers. If you find something you like and want to buy, you can look up coupons to save even more money.

Enjoy your shopping experience!