How To File Taxes For Free With Your Smartphone Apps?

How To File Taxes For Free With Your Smartphone Apps?

Today smartphones have the ability to simplify our lives and tasks. Filing taxes every year is one task that we can’t avoid at any cost. So won’t we love our smartphones to help us in filing our taxes? Of course, as several high profile tax firms have their own dedicated apps that can help you to file your taxes and that too for free. So all you need to do is to install any of the following apps and either click a picture of the complete form W-2 or answer a few simple questions, and your task is done. Here are the top 5 apps that are sure to help you to file the taxes:

1. Snap tax by Turbo Tax: This is one of the best tax applications available in the smartphone market. All you need to do is to click a photo of the W-2 form and sit back and relax while the application extracts your tax information and fills the form on your behalf. After this is done, the apps ask you a few questions to take you a step further. So if you are filing form 1040-EZ or 1040A form, this is surely the most hassle-free way to file your tax return. Since the app is 100% free for both iOS and Android, the only cost you incur is just the filing fees.

2. CompleteTax Mobile 1040 EZ: This is another smartphone app to file taxes for form 1040-EZ. This application helps you throughout the process of filing the form and submits it to IRS in a safe and secure way. Even though this application is specific to form 1040-EZ, you can use it for filling other forms also and then take it over to the application’s website from your computer. This application is also free for both Android and iOS users.

3. H & R Block at Home 1040EZ: This application is specially designed for individuals filing under 1040EZ. All you need to do is enter the required information in the app or simply import a picture of filled W-2 form. This app gives you not only audit support but also guarantees a maximum refund. You can download it from the app market of your smartphone without paying a single penny.

4. TaxAct Free Federal Edition: As the name suggests, this tax app is absolutely free for all users. You can prepare and file your taxes for free by using this application. The extremely simple user interface will take your heart away. On the top of all this, the app is synced with the TaxAct’s website in a perfect way. So you can access all your information whenever and wherever you go.

5. TurboTax for iPad: If you want to use your i-pad for filing your taxes, and your tax return is more complicated than Snaptax, which is not working well for you, you should certainly try TurboTax’s full version which is available especially for iPad users. The app prompts you when to enter the tax information and also helps you by reminding you of all deductions that you can avail of. The only liability on you is of the filing fee which depends upon your tax situation.

Using your smartphone is surely the best way to jump queues on the last days of filing returns. It also avoids the need for hiring expensive tax services to help you file returns.