iPad 4 vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad mini – Which One You Will Buy?

iPad 4 vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad mini – Which One You Will Buy?

Well, you have heard enough of these new tablets from Apple, but it is tough if you don’t know which one to choose and buy. I will provide you a brief description and comparison of the three most popular models of iPad. The three most popular models of iPad are Mini, iPad 2 and iPad 4. So folks, stay tuned, hold your breath, and read the rest of the article.

Details about the iPad 2

Apple started with its surprises long time ago, and as the technology goes forward, people are offered all in one gadget or so-called tablets. iPad 2 was the tablet that achieved the greatest success. I had the chance of using it, and I definitely liked it a lot.

This powerful gadget was announced in 2011, and I bought it in the first week. I was eager to test it because the manufacturer has definitely made the great advance towards IT technology. Its characteristics really left the great impression on me.

It uses A5 chip equipped with 1 GHz dual-core processor from the family ARM Cortex A9. The RAM which is available for use is 512 MB. Thanks to the wide display and powerful graphics, the resolution of 1024×768 pixels brings the greatest video effect I had ever seen until that moment. I selected my favorite song and played on it. Well, this was a big surprise to me. Apple really made great advance by implementing almost all known media formats, supported with Dolby Digital Surround pass. The input method was based on the touch technology, and I was surprised how well the touchscreen responded.

I bought my iPad 2 with a 3G SIM card slot, besides the Wi-Fi ability, which comes with the initial version. Connectivity to 3G networks and Wi-Fi networks didn’t fail even once, while I was using it. There is another thing that must be said. The market called AppStore is full of applications that support iOS 4.3 and iOS 5, which work on iPad 2 without any obstacles.

As overall conclusion, I would grade this gadget with 10 out of possible 10.

It cost me $399, but every cent paid for it was worth it. Unfortunately, there was only one version when it comes to storage, only 16 GB, which I think are enough.

Experiencing iPad 4

Encouraged by the satisfaction from using iPad 2, I decided on buying the new iPad 4. My line of work is specific, and I definitely need a good gadget for my work. iPad 4 was the gadget, besides those Android tablets that are presented as competition.

However, iPad 4 was the thing that I needed. I read all the technical characteristics, and to be honest, it was a tremendous upgrade against iPad 2, that I have previously used.

It caught my attention because it possesses built-in Retina display with the resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, which definitely places on the top against the competition. The whole concept that was previously used in iPad 2 was used and rebuilt from scratch.

Newest technology like Apple A6X processor, the 5-megapixel camera that is placed on the back and is able to shoot video or image in resolution of 1080 pixels, are built inside. The screen is touch capable, and its size is 9.7 inches. The screen is capable of delivering great video effect, thanks to the screen technology that is used.

It comes in three versions divided by storage. The version with storage of 16 GB costs $499; the 32 GB version costs $599 while the 64 GB version is $699. The earliest shipping date for an iPad 4 seems to be November 20.

The gadget comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity in the initial version, and if the user wants 3G or 4G LTE connectivity, prices are higher for about $130 of the initial release, accordingly with the amount of storage. This version is slightly heavier than iPad 2, but it doesn’t make any difference.

It definitely replaces my laptop, so I don’t mind dragging it around. The number of applications that can be installed on this gadget is 275000 and rising every day. The Apple community increases every day. If you still have doubts about buying any product from Apple, this fact will definitely mean something to you.

Thinking about buying iPad Mini

This year was definitely full of surprises that Apple prepared for all of us. It revealed two great tablets, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini in the same time. Somewhere in between these two giants, there is this darn little thing called iPad Mini. It is actually a small-sized iPad 4 with similar characteristics like iPad 2.

This tablet has built-in A5 processor accompanied with quad-core graphics. Although it is smaller in size, or to be more accurate the screen is 7.9 inches wide, don’t let the size fool you. It is a pretty powerful little machine. Thanks to the Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity there is no limitation regarding the area of use.

I bought one for my son and tested it. It did the same job as iPad 4 or iPad. The price was lower too. It costs nearly 4329 for the regular version of 16 GB of storage with Wi-Fi card in it, while the LTE version costs $130 more. It comes in three versions divide by the overall storage.

The second version is 32 GB, and the third one is 64 GB. Prices for each one of them are $429 and $529 respectively. The LTE version for each version costs $130 more than the initial Wi-Fi version. The AppStore offers the same applications as for the iPad 4, so you don’t have to worry about that. All apps work without limitations.

The conclusion

I brought you all the technical details to you, so you don’t have to search around. The decision depends on you, so if you want a powerful machine I would suggest you to buy iPad 4, but if you want something lighter and portable, which you can actually insert in your pocket, then iPad Mini would be my proposal. iPad 2 is the older version but has shown as very reliable. The difference in price between Mini and iPad 2 is $70, so if you need a wider screen, iPad 2 would be the best solution. Buying each one of them, will not be a mistake, because every cent paid for it is worth it.