Proning Techniques For Covid-19 Patients

Proning Techniques For Covid-19 Patients

When scientists try to make a vaccine to prevent Covid-19, there are breathing techniques for Covid-19 patients and experience symptoms of acute shortness of breath. This breathing technique is called proning. This technique is used if the patient is in a critical condition because this technique also has a risk of death rates in critical patients who have complex health problems.

What Is Proning Technique

Proning technique is a method used by bending the patient so that it rests on his stomach. The delivery of mechanical ventilation with the patient lying in the prone position. This position help increase the amount of oxigen to lungs. This technique does look simple, but has the risk of potential complications. The process of bending the patient takes time and requires a number of experienced professionals. This might prove difficult in hospitals that are short of staff and struggle with an exponential increase in Covid-19 admissions.

Prone position to Covid-19

Doctors are finding that placing the sickest Coronavirus patients on their stomach -called-prone positioning-helps increase the amount of oxigen that's getting to their lungs. According to DR. Mangala Narasimham, The Regional Director For Critical Care NorthWell Health, which is own 23 hospitals in New York.

Seven years ago French Doctors Published an article in The New England Journal of Medicine showing that patients with ARDS (Acute Respitory Distress Syndrome), who were on ventilators had a lower chance of dying if they were placed on their stomach in the hospital, reported by CNN.

WHO provides instructions for prone ventilators for 12-16 hours a day in adult patients with severe ARDS. This prone position is highly recommended for adult patients and may be considered for pediatric patients with severe ARDS but requires adequate human resources and expertise to be carried out safely.