Reasons Why I Bought an iPad Mini

Reasons Why I Bought an iPad Mini

The world is changing every second, and we all see that new gadgets and devices are revealed every day. You all know, that people prefer having multifunctional devices in their pockets, instead of dragging laptops, phones and other devices. If you are facing this problem, than you should consider buying the best tablet on the market, which is the new iPad Mini. Do not fool yourself and buy a cheap tablet with Android or other operating system. Consider this as a onetime investment. I had some doubts before choosing my tablet, but after doing a little research I came up to many stunning facts, that changed my mind.


Although the announcement of Kindle Fire HD caused panic on the IT market, Apple stood still and worked on their iPad Mini project. On 23rd of October, the iPad Mini was revealed and Apple again won the battle with its competitors. I was interested about any of these devices, so I went to the store to check these two gadgets. I took the Mini in one hand and the Kindle in the other hand. Well to be honest, the difference is enormous.


The Mini is gentler than the Fire. The screen of the Mini is also wider than the screen of the Fire. I noticed that the resolution is greater on Fire, or to be more specific it is 1280×800, unlike the resolution on Mini, that actually is 1024×768. This resolution seemed as more appropriate to me. Later on I moved to the technical details.


The Fire uses TI OMAP 4460 processor with 2 cores, while Mini has the known A5 processor also with 2 cores, which has shown to be reliable. As I looked further in the technical details, I noticed that the speed of the Mini’s processor which is 1 GHZ is slightly lower than the speed of the Fire which is 1.2 GHz. It didn’t scare me a lot, because I am aware that Apple surely has something else in mind. Anyway, it is not a big difference, when you know the fact that Fire had complaints about heating up quickly.


Mini uses an aluminium cover with much greater cooling effect, unlike the plastic housing implemented on Fire. The RAM memory on the Fire is 1 GB, while Apple used 512 MB. This fact surprised me, but at the end I realized that this is a tablet actually and not mighty computer. Don’t let this information scare you off.

I brought my decision and paid $329 for the 16 GB WiFi version of iPad Mini. There was also the other version that supported LTE connectivity which costs almost $460. If the storage is not enough you can buy a 32 or 64 GB, but prepare to pay more.


I was so eager to find out more about the Mini, and the first thing I did, was looking at the applications that came preinstalled. Because I am an Apple loyal fan and have used their products before, it wasn’t hard to manage the applications. The applications for other iPads are exactly the same for the Mini, without any limitations. As I was testing all the applications like iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, iTunes U, iBooks, which are built in and come with the initial version, I was surprised how much the database of useful applications grew.

To be more precise, the AppStore database consists of more than 275000 applications for every purpose. There are applications for finances, entertainment, business, music, games, health, fitness and many more. Some of them have free and fully functional version, but for some of them the user should pay. Apple has very strict policy for applications. Every application that is submitted for sale on the AppStore is tested, and if it doesn’t contain malicious code, it is approved for sales.


You are all hearing about these new cloud technologies, I must note that Apple successfully implemented this technology as one of their primary services. The offer is called iCloud and it actually enables every user to synchronize all of his Apple devices and always see the content in all devices.

So in conclusion, seeing your music, videos, document’s, applications that you are currently using, links to websites that you have visited before and much other functionality will always be present in the cloud. The free storage every user gets is limited to 5 GB, which by me is enough for everyone. Don’t worry; you can perform your daily or weekly data backup in the cloud. If someone is sceptical, there is no reason to be. The data in the cloud is protected and secured according the Apple’s Privacy and Security policy.

I have experienced Mini as my greatest investment; because it helps me stay tuned everywhere I go. I will definitely recommend it to everyone who has doubts on buying it. It maybe cost more than other tablet devices, but you will definitely use it for many years, unlike those other devices that you will have to replace very quickly.