Saving Your Love Life: Online Dating Tips for Guys

Saving Your Love Life: Online Dating Tips for Guys

Dating is tough for everyone. And I know what you’re thinking: How can a girl give guys tips on dating? I’ve never been a guy looking for online love, but I HAVE been a girl looking for love and have first-handedly seen the profiles you guys put up there.

Some of you need some help.

Which is why I’m going to give you some tips on how to talk to women you meet online, how to write a profile and more. There are many reasons why guys use online dating sites, but for this post, let’s say you’re looking for a long-term partner (without being all scary and using the “M” word).

How to Write an Online Dating Profile

The very first point somebody sees when they look at dating profiles is the picture. One of the best online dating tips for men is to post an appropriate picture of how you look in everyday life. No cars, no showing off your glamor muscles, and please don’t put up a picture of you with a girl, even if she is just your sister.

As for the body of the profile, make it fairly brief, but long enough to say a bit about yourself (education, hobbies, etc.), and a bit about what you’re looking for in a mate. It helps to have a bit of humor as well. Girls love a guy that doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Don’t forget to spell check!

Online Dating Tips for First Contact

In your initial email to that lucky lady, introduce yourself, say what you liked about her profile (not her looks), and ask a few questions. Just throwing out “Hey Princess. You’re hot. Wanna chat?” usually isn’t going to do it and kind of makes you sound skuzzy. Showing that you actually took time to read the profile will give you extra points.

The First Date

Safety is a huge issue on the first date. You want to make her feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so meet in a very public place, and let her take her own way there and back. It’s nice if you offer to pay, and, in most cases, she’ll probably ask to half it. Ask her lots of questions, and don’t compliment her looks too much. At the beginning of the night, say she looks nice and drop it.

So, now that you know how to meet girls online, go out there and get ‘em, tiger! It’s easy, fun and can be very fulfilling when you find that special someone. Sometimes Cupid’s aim isn’t too bad.