Sex Facts After Childbirth, What Is Different?

Sex Facts After Childbirth, What Is Different?

For those of you a mother who has just given birth, congratulations on the birth of your baby. Having a baby is not easy, especially if this is not the first time or the first time for you. A baby is a big responsibility for parents, especially for women who give birth. Mental and physical readiness is needed here. The role of the couple is also very necessary at this crucial time.

Caring for and raising a baby demands all your time. Both mother and father have a shared responsibility to meet the needs of the baby. 24 hours of your time absorbed by this tiny human being so that your needs are sometimes overlooked. This includes the needs of your sex and your partner. A newborn baby needs at least a month to two months to adjust outside the womb to have regular sleep hours. Within one or two months you and your partner must be ready to have a change in your time management including sex.

What changed?

1. When having sex

Before your baby is born, you have plenty of time to have sex with your partner. This includes hours of intercourse or duration you have sex. When your baby is born, your time and energy are drained. You certainly lack of sleep, especially for the mother. You should always be ready for a surprise when you have sex while suddenly your baby cries. You and your partner must be patient until the baby is fast asleep until you both can have time to have sex. The duration will also change. You and your partner will be alert if the baby is awakened so that the possibility of the duration of your relationship will be faster than before.

2. Orgasm Becomes Important

Although the duration and time of sex become faster, it does not mean you can not and do not search until you have an orgasm. This is the point of a mother getting peace in living the days of raising a baby. An orgasmic woman will make them release the hormone of satisfaction that helps them relax and be more alert to look after their newborn baby.

3. Discomfort the First Time to Connect Again

When you just got out of childbirth, having sex for the first time with your husband is almost the same when you first had sex with your partner. You will feel pain or discomfort.
"The assumption is that the pain is from the trauma of delivery, which it definitely can be, but it also has to do with low levels of estrogen that affect the elasticity of the vaginal tissues," says Rebecca Booth, MD, a Louisville, Kentucky, gynecologist, and author of The Venus Week. Estrogen levels drop right after giving birth and remain low while breastfeeding. "When a woman is nursing, especially in the beginning, the decrease in estrogen combined with high prolactin and oxytocin levels can mimic menopause for the first two to three months," says Dr. Booth. "Think night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and often pain."