Still Quarantine At Home? Try Vegetable Gardening on the Home Yard

Still Quarantine At Home? Try Vegetable Gardening on the Home Yard

During the quarantine period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people started a new hobby to spend their time at home and enjoy this quarantine. This is indeed the best way so that you do not become bored and stressed while staying at home. There are many positive activities that you can do while at home, one of which is gardening vegetables or fruits in your home. Don't worry if your house is not large or narrow.

Here are some tips that you can try in your home if you are interested in gardening at home during this quarantine period. This could be one of the activities that will produce good things in the future when the pandemic ii has ended.

1. Hydroponic Systems for Narrow Lands

You can attach a used water pipe to the fence of your yard or use a used drink bottle and arrange it neatly and connected to each other. This hydroponic planting system is very helpful for those of you who don't have enough land to grow your own vegetables. This farming system has a variety of ways, and you can start to learn it and practice it in your home. There are also ways to grow hydroponics that are easy to learn for beginners. Find articles or join a community that can help you, beginners, in farming with this modern system. There are many types of vegetables that you can grow in this hydroponic way, mustard greens, green lettuce, bok coy, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, celery, strawberries.

2. Using a Poly Bag

This system is beneficial for beginners. Method ii has been used for a long time, and on average, it works even though it's a beginner. You can arrange your polybags using secondhand shoe racks or sunny shelves.

3. Create Small Blocks

If there is a narrow yard in front or backyard of the house, this method is very beautiful to look at because it looks like a small garden shape. In fact, your front yard can also be used as land for this mini plantation model vegetables. You can divide based on the type of plant with small blocks. This way you can learn how to make blocks from simple wood but still have aesthetic value.

4. Use a Used Pot

If you have had pots to grow your plants all this time, you can use them or used ones. Just clean if dusty refill with soil and learn also the types of plants that can be planted in pots and how to care for these plants or vegetables. There are several types of vegetables that can live without fertilizer, but there are also those that need fertilizer to grow. Learn how to plant it and get its benefits.