Surviving Your High School Reunion

Surviving Your High School Reunion

This weekend I’m headed to the tropical metropolis of Minneapolis, Minn., for my dreaded 10th year high school reunion.  Why do I dread my reunion? Because I went to school with some very evil children. Think Children of the Corn in GAP jeans.

So in order to get through it, I came up with answers to some typical reunion questions.

Them: What have you been doing?
You: Nothing (and if you are gutsy say “your husband”)

Them: Are you married?
Me: Why yes (turning to the invisible space besides me)—Honey I want you to meet Jane. She used to have horrible acne and smelled like liverwurst.

Them: What do you do?
Me: Really what does anyone do? In life do we ever do what we are really suppose to do? If I was to do what I do, would I still be able to do it?

If you have more answers, feel free to post them in the comments section below. It is going to be a long night.