Throwing a Clothing Exchange Party

Throwing a Clothing Exchange Party

I love clothes. Shopping for them, trying on different pieces together to create ensembles…it’s such a great feeling…until the clerk tells me how much I owe. Then I get a strange feeling in the pit of my tummy that doesn’t feel like excitement anymore; it’s more like my logical side screaming, “Are you nuts? You can’t afford to do this every week, woman!” There had to be a way to satisfy my clothes-shopping fetish without breaking the bank.

Clothes Swapping Partyyyy!!

I love that everyone shows up at my house looking like Santa as they haul a huge garbage bag full of clothes over their shoulder. And of course, we’re all in giddy moods at the anticipation of shopping without a wallet.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Go through your closet & pick out the clothes you haven’t worn in a while to create your “trading pile” & tell your girls to do the same thing.
  • On party day, set a table with finger foods & beverages & have some 90s music in the background for an easy blast-from-the-past theme.
  • Have everyone choose a section in the room to lay out the clothes they brought.
  • Then go around looking at each other’s apparel & pick out what you like FOR FREE.

Anytime you’ve seen a friend wearing a blazer you love, a pair of shoes you wish you had that went well with your fave outfit… all those moments come rushing back to you and suddenly, you know which piles to tackle first. Oh the joy!

Donate Unwanted Pieces or Make Rags for Cleaning

Any unfortunate pieces that no one wants go straight to a donation center. And for stained/torn/hopeless items, like my friend Ursula’s jogging pants with too many holes (why she brought them, I’ll never guess), cut them up and use them as dust cloths to polish wood furniture.

Clothing swaps are a great way to save money and freshen your wardrobe. For the moms out there, have a kids clothes swap with all the clothing your kids have outgown.

Trust me, this is a fun party. Especially when some of the girls have items from high school. You dress up in neon tights with a bandana in your hair and flash dance to the 90s music that’s conveniently playing. Okay, maybe that’s just me. :P

Have you ever tried a clothes swap party before?