What is Prime Now? A Review

What is Prime Now? A Review

To be honest, even I, an exuberantly loyal Amazon fan, was uninformed and frankly uninterested in Amazon Now – that is, until I saw a banner offering $20 off my first Prime Now order. I thought, what he hell, I’m buying this anyway; why not get $20 off? I abandoned my Amazon cart and decided to try this Now thing, but I was kind of lost. I couldn’t find a way to order Prime Now anywhere on the Amazon site, so I googled it. That’s when I realized Prime Now was an app and Prime Now orders could only be placed on a phone or tablet. Not like I needed another app, but no big deal. I downloaded the app and off I went.

“Available for 2-hour delivery"

After downloading the app, I inputted my Amazon credentials and then searched for the same item I was about to order on my desktop. Boom. There it was. “Available for 2-hour delivery,” the app said. I clicked a few buttons, made sure my $20 coupon code was applied, designated the tip amount, and submitted the order. After I placed my order, initially not much happened. A map populated in the app, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I put my phone away and continued surfing the net. 30 minutes later, I got a text that said my order would arrive soon. Excited, I opened up the app and understood what the map was. It was a map of the driver taking my new hard drive from one of Amazon’s warehouses to my office. This is awesome, I thought.

“All I need is your first name.”

Similar to the way the Uber app allows you to watch the movement of your soon-to-be driver as s/he is in route to pick you up, Prime Now tells you the name of your order’s driver and lets you watch the purple dot that is your driver as it proceeds to your location (this is oddly captivating). 15 minutes later I got a call from a Seattle number (which I assume was a call routed through Amazon’s technology, as Amazon headquarters are in Seattle). It was Jacqueline. I buzzed her in and welcomed her and a brown paper bag in. “All I need is your first name.” she said. “Dan,” I said, and she handed me my order.

Less than an hour in total and I had my new hard drive in hand. Curious as to how this new technology worked, I asked Jacqueline how they were able to get items to customers so quickly. She explained that there were drivers standing by and as soon as an order was placed, the driver nearest to the warehouse that was closest to the customer’s location got a ping to pick up and drop off the order.

As a person who was quite content with free 2-day shipping, I have to say that Prime Now exceeds my wildest imagination of what shipping could mean. The only negative thing I could possibly say about Prime Now is that the selection is no where near as extensive as what we have come to expect from Amazon, but it is still impressive. For the folks in the all but 14 cities that currently offer Prime Now, all I can say is, I can’t wait for this to arrive in your city.