What You Need To know About Mother's Day

What You Need To know About Mother's Day

The second week in May is often celebrated as Mother's Day. Mother's Day was first started by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in memory of her mother who had died 3 years earlier by holding a memorial service for her mother at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, West Virginia. Since it was made a national holiday by Woodrow Wilson in 1914, Mother's Day has been celebrated internationally since 1992 in almost all countries of the world.

History Of Mother's Day

Mother's day is usually celebrated by releasing mothers from their daily domestic work and giving mothers gifts as a tribute to them. At the beginning of Mother's Day, the Carnation flower was made a valuable symbol by Anna Jarvis. He made a white carnation flower that illustrates the sincerity and love of a mother to her child.

Now there are various gifts or gifts that children can give to their mothers. Not only carnations but also other flowers or items that are useful for their mothers.

Kinds of Gifts for Mother


Here are some gifts that can be given to a mother.

- vase
   Of course, besides flowers, you can give them the vase. And because it's a special day, there are lots of unique and interesting vases that you can get to online stores today.

- book
If your mother likes to read books, of course, this is one of the gifts that they enjoy. It would be better if the book was given an attractive package or a title that they like too, for example, your mother likes to cook, you can buy a cookbook or recipe accompanied by maybe additional seasonings for her to use to try the recipe directly in the book? Why not?

- jewelry
If you have enough budget, you can try to find your mother's beautiful jewelry. No need to have expensive diamonds, jewelry now has many kinds, various models, and forming materials. Give one of them to your mother on this special day.